[ANN][POW] 🚀 apsaK (SAK) - It's Kaspa, but reversed 🚀

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[ANN][POW] 🚀 apsaK (SAK) - It's Kaspa, but reversed 🚀

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Hello Kaspatalk Community! I am thrilled to introduce you to apsaK (SAK), a new PoW meme coin that I have developed. It's a reversed fork of Kaspa, with a reversed kHeavyHash that is GPU friendly. This unique feature makes apsaK an exciting addition to the GPU-mining world and a fun meme coin in the crypto space.

🔹 apsaK Specifications:
- Coin: SAK
- Algo: Reversed kHeavyHash
- Block Time: 1 second
- Pre-deflationary Block Reward: 50 SAK
- Post-deflationary Block Reward: 5 SAK
- Total Supply: 500,000,000 SAK

🔹 Unique Features:
- Reversed kHeavyHash: No ASIC-miners, like in early Kaspa.
- Community-Oriented: No dev-fees in the consensus, making this a truly community-driven project.
- Transaction Fee and Burn Mechanism: I've implemented an increased transaction fee and a mechanism to burn 99% of transaction fees, reducing the total supply over time.

🔹 Technology:
- Built on Rust.

Please note that the roadmap and whitepaper will be released later. For now, I am focusing on building a strong community and working closely with the community for further development.

I invite you to join me in this exciting journey. Let's make SAK the next big thing in the crypto world!

For more information:
- follow me on Twitter https://x.com/apsak_org
- check out the GitHub https://github.com/apsaknet
- join our Discord community https://discord.gg/neZkT5uNTg
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