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Kaspa offline Community Marketing

Post by Starry »

Ladies and Gens. The Kaspa community has experienced remarkable growth since its inception in 2021, embodying Satoshi's original vision of a peer-to-peer cash system — a vision that Bitcoin, regrettably, was unable to fully realize. As a cutting-edge Proof of Work BlockDAG armed with innovative technology, Kaspa is purpose-built to address the age-old Scalability-Security-Decentralization dilemma. The ambitious goal of achieving this balance is swiftly becoming a reality. As we step into the second decade of the cryptocurrency era, Kaspa's approach, firmly rooted in Satoshi's paradigm and foundational principles, has drawn the attention and participation of a diverse global community.
The concept of decentralized individual sovereignty in this fast-paced information age is nothing short of groundbreaking, and it's not just for the select few — it's a concept meant for everyone. To expand its reach, elevate individual prosperity, and introduce Kaspa to a broader audience beyond its online community, we present this comprehensive offline marketing plan to welcome more individuals into the fold.

The objectives are as follows:
Enhance KASPA’s Visibility: Increase awareness and recognition of KASPA on a larger scale.
Strengthen the local KASPA community: Foster a well-informed and engaged local community.
Resource Onboarding: Acquire additional marketing resources, engage potential merchants, as well as finding contributions to Ecosystem Development.

I’d like to propose this plan primarily in permissible areas in major cities and their surrounding areas. over a period of 6 months and beyond.

Offline Marketing Channels: (permissible areas only)

Public Spaces and Community
Public Gathering Spaces, Events, Libraries, Community Centers, Public Transportation
Local Businesses and Shopping
Coffee Shops, Local Businesses, Malls and Shopping Centers, Busy CBD Areas
Educational and Cultural
University and College Campuses, Public Notice Boards, Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Local Festivals
Fitness and Health
Local Gyms and Fitness Centers, Public Restrooms (Within allowable areas)

Marketing Tactics:
Distribute Stickers, engage in in-person communication, guide people to the KASPA site, and connect with the local community. Conduct live demonstrations showcasing the speed and efficiency of KASPA as a decentralized P2P system.
Key messaging:
Highlight the advantages of a Decentralized P2P digital currency system and the principles of a future open financial system.

Budget Allocation:
I’d like to propose the budget allocation to encompass two types of promotional materials:
1. Stickers with “Local Social Media” Contact Info: The first priority is to obtain stickers that include local area social media accounts / ambassadors accounts , say X / Twitter. These specific details will be provided upon approval. Collaboration with the KASPA marketing team will ensure seamless execution.
2. $KAS for Demo purpose: A specific allocation of xxxx $KAS will be directed toward demonstration purposes. These funds will be stored in a new address within the Kaspium mobile wallet. This allocation is to support engaging and interactive demonstrations of $KAS. ( * will contact the community at the conclusion of the project to discuss the allocation of any remaining balance, if applicable. )

goals + objectives:

The primary objective is to disseminate information about KASPA through multiple channels, utilizing stickers, in-person interactions, the website, and mobile demonstrations.
We intend to measure our progress through social media accounts for tracking purposes, as well as by maintaining records of the drop locations to assess the impact of the efforts and make necessary adjustments as needed.
Ensure that the chosen channels and strategies align with the capabilities and resources, allowing execution within permissible areas.
These objectives directly contribute to our overarching mission of growing the KASPA community.
A 6-month to accomplish these objectives as much as possible, allowing us to make substantial progress and build towards a strong member base.

Phase 1: November 2023 - April 2024:
The current timeframe presents a unique opportunity for broader adoption, particularly with the emergence of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) on the horizon. Historically, a lack of regulatory policies has hindered cryptocurrency adoption. ETFs mark a significant step toward regulatory acceptance, and we can anticipate further regulatory developments in the future. Phase 1 spans a six-month duration, coinciding with the 2024 Bitcoin halving, providing an ideal period to elevate awareness for $KAS.

Phase 2: May 2024 - October 2024:
In this phase, we can develop a new marketing plan for the 2nd half of the year, incorporating the progress made in KASPA community, including the 10-BPS mainnet implementation, DK news, and potential direction of SC.
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Re: Kaspa offline Community Marketing

Post by vanima »

I support this and plan to build on it into a pre-proposal, then hopefully if the community supports my approach; a proposal.

I plan to start before the pre-proposal by creating the material for free, in my own time, maybe out of my own pocket.

When I am done I am going to hopefully connect with Starry (if they are still active at the time) and try to smooth things out into a solid pre-proposal. Hopefully with the help of more people who participate in this thread.

Then, hopefully a good plan is in place to increase adoption, and the budget is raised to properly execute.

It's funny, before I read this thread I posted my prompt for coming here in some detail - it seems we had similar thoughts.

Nice to meet you Starry.
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