2023 Marketing/CMF Report - June, July, August

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2023 Marketing/CMF Report - June, July, August

Post by Rhubarbarian »

Hello, fellow Kaspains!
Things are STILL cruising along and the activities in and around the CMF are non-stop!

Please reference the April and May 2023 report for some of the preliminary intel around roles and activities.

Back in May, we decided to change our terms to help stretch out the budget more. Less for us, more for the community!
so we have taken out the equivalent of $2000 USD in KAS for all Rhubarb services and $500 us in KAS for Bubblegum for all his efforts. Other payouts are listed below.

Our role has continued to be been mostly designing, but more and more we're consulting in all channels as well as rolling out the Kaspa Ambassador Program, As laid out in the Marketing Proposal and a big push this month has been energizing and equipping Merchants as they accept KAS.

Reminder of duties: The design needs requests for say, community outreach, socials, avatars, a resized version of art, or a blank design for others to add their own language is sometimes a daily activity. I'm also managing the socials, with a growing few mods (Twitter, Facebook, Linked In) including the Youtube channel, editing and reposting the AMAs and then posting to socials. We're also managing the website and are now in talks with someone about a makeover, moving the site from being an educational/info focus to more of a how-to get, use and pay with Kaspa as well as offering more direct links for businesses to land and get what they need to integrate, adoption, invest, etc. The other main Marketing and BD support comes from BubbleGium Lightning and Wolfie. Rockstarts on this team and we could do anything with them!!

Payouts in for JUNE/JULY/AUG work
BubbleGum pays for PR/Marketing/copywriting support - $500/month USD in KAS (BubbleGum, write all the blog/medium posts as well as the first kick at all social post copy (Busy man!)
Rhubarb - 2000 USD/mth USD in KAS
Nigerian Ambassador Shidi for Hard costs for Meetup Event-2,209 KAS
Ambassador Balor funds for Nigeria Meetup-8,000 KAS
Paid out for merch for Toronto Event - 12,633 KAS
Ambassador Balor funds for a 3-day event to rep Kaspa introduce KAs to universities and do some interviews -19,750 KAS

CMF Budget remaining: 161,334.0091259 KAS

Deliverables in JUNE - JULY - AUG
Hours clocked in JUNE-JULY-AUG for Rhubarb: 186 hrs

• Daily Integration Admin/Marketing Team chats with Bubblegum and Wolfie
• Ambassador Support /Accepted Here Localization - We've onboarded 2 more "official" ambassadors and a few more are in the pipeline! More details coming.
• First Kaspa Meetups and Ambassadors (Design, event promotion, social posts, merchandise, banners, etc.)
- Nigeria (https://kaspa.org/unveiling-the-future- ... n-nigeria/)
- Uganda (https://kaspa.org/kaspa-in-uganda/)
• Created a Slide Deck for Kaspa Education used at meetups, etc. Was used in Meetups and 3 other Ambassadors in the wings are translating them. German, Korean, Chinese
• Kaspa Integrations - chats and design for anns
• Exchange, Integrations (3rd party wallets and mining pools sets)
• Dev Reports Rust Update Graphics
• Website 2.0 prep and ongoing consultation
• New MEDIA KIT page. Brand files and other digital assets - https://kaspa.org/media-kit/
• Created new Kaspa Flag art for printing
• Revised Merchant Application
• Designed Wrapped KAS icon
• 3 new Twitter Spaces Recordings for YT
• Created a folder and subfolders of Rhubarb Graphics for download on the Media Kit page
• Designed Kaspa Pins for handing out at events
• Created and Ordered merch for the Toronto Futurist Event and represented Kaspa with BubbleGum
- Spent 2 full 2 days of networking, meeting Kaspians and educating people. I'm guessing we saw at least 80 interactions over the 2 days.
• Designed Change Now, Now Payments and NOW Nodes creative for upcoming posts
• Prepped shwag box for Shai as he attends the Bitmain Event in September -shipping end of August.

JUNE POSTS -See the site for links
Articles by BubbleGum, Artwork by Rhubarb

Kaspa on Rust: Testnet 11
Kaspa Integrated with CoinPal
Kaspa Improvement Proposal: A Breakdown of KIP-4
Kaspa Crowdfund Campaign: Bitpanda
Kaspa Achieves 10 BPS in Testnet, Sets a New Benchmark in Cryptocurrency

Wrapped Kaspa: A Bridge from Kaspa to Ethereum
Pioneering the Future of E-commerce
New Exchange Listing — Bitpanda
Kaspa’s Fair Launch
Kaspa Pool Addition — Poolin
Kaspa in Uganda
Kaspa Developers Meeting July 2023 (Video created)
Kaspa Crowdfund Campaign for a Tier-1 Crypto Exchange
Kaspa Community Twitter Spaces -with Guest ChangeNOW
Kaspa Community Browser Wallet Crowdfund
You're Here Early Post

August POSTS
Unveiling the Future of Blockchain Technology in Nigeria
The Solution to Double Spending
Kaspa Pool Addition — Hiveon
Kaspa Integrated on NOWPayments
Kaspa Community AMA with Guest @realKateL from ChangeNOW & NOWPayments
Embarking on the Unknown

Stats We are growing!
Twitter: 78,691
Facebook: 1400
Discord: 28528
Instagram: 1412
LinkedIn: 800
Reddit: 6.1k
Medium: 1.2k
Telegram: 27546
YouTube: 1950k

Kaspa Merchants - 30

We are onboarding 3 new Ambassadors in September and hope to see events starting soon. Austria, Korea, Chinese + English Communities in Australia.

We're so very grateful to all those who support these efforts! Thankful to all who are helping with marketing and continuing to grow Kaspa as the premiere digital currency for your everyday life!

The CMF, although we've stretched it from a 3 month term to going on 6, the funds are depleting. If you appreciate our role and impact on Kaspa, please consider a new donation. We hope to see funds continue to come in for the CMF.

CMF Wallet - kaspa:qpyr8yp7jmantyaatyqtpwuzv3fcthe2r7jz6n55nl4hdd0288e8jljunnqgv

This address is also added to kaspa.org at the bottom with the DevFund addresses.

Please offer comments!


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Re: 2023 Marketing/CMF Report - June, July, August

Post by Assemblerx64 »

Hello Rhubarbarian,
it is very nice discussion and transparent thank you for that, I have a question that I am waiting for this to happen "do we have any strategy/interest on listing Kaspa to binance?"

Very nice blockchain I love it.

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Re: 2023 Marketing/CMF Report - June, July, August

Post by vanima »

You guys are doing a great job. I am going to create some material (detailed a little more in this thread) and when I am done, I hope to join you guys in bringing value to Kaspa!
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