Kasptalk.org - Add board like "Meta" on "BitcoinTalk"

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Kasptalk.org - Add board like "Meta" on "BitcoinTalk"

Post by vanima »

I am pleased to see this forum here. If I were to make suggestions, I think we should some pages from the Kaspa's big brother, Bitcoin. One way is adding something like "Meta" as we see on BitcoinTalk.

People there will eventually realize that Kaspa is a true alternative as a decentralized & efficient payment blockchain, probably between now and when Smart Contracts are a capability of Kaspa's.

We should make using Kaspatalk an improvement of Bitcointalk. One way to do that, is to have a sub-board that allows us to talk strictly about the forum and things that relate to the forum and its community. Improvements, suggestions, questions, good practice, community matters etc.

A good example of the kinds of topics are in that board there. Seeing as this is a new forum, and I am someone who tends to be active on these kinds of boards, I think I would contribute a lot to forum-related improvements, which ultimately will create a better, referenced social platform and will help us all to collaborate.

I know Pre-Proposals suit forum suggestions, though I think we keep the forum separate from Kaspa, as bitcointalk have successfully done. The "Meta"-like board on Kaspatalk, can do that.

Hopefully we get this done and we can get going on making this forum great!
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Re: Kasptalk.org - Add board like "Meta" on "BitcoinTalk"

Post by gandalf »

welcome onboard! glad to have you here.. we have added a meta section as you recommended.. also will move this topic under that section..
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