TradeOgre wont activate KAS wallet

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TradeOgre wont activate KAS wallet

Post by shilerfastov »

Hey there
I`ve been waiting for a few now to withdrawal my KAS coin from TradeOgre exchange, but they seems to froze everyones accounts.
Now you can only sell it for 40% of markets value, i have o good chunk over there and i don`t want to sell it low.
I think there is a many people with same problem as me. On X i`ve dm`ed TradeOgre, but there is no responce yet. (3 weeks)
Can developers/admins reach them to inquire some information?
Maybe they can manualy withraw tokens or they planing to launch KAP support aggain?

Thank you.
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Re: TradeOgre wont activate KAS wallet

Post by fadeng »

think multiple people have tried to get in touch but no success so far from what i know, most people tend to sell at discount and just move on. its a risk to keep but might be worth it if it ever comes back compared to selling at a discount
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