April 2023 Marketing/CMF Report

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April 2023 Marketing/CMF Report

Post by Rhubarbarian »

Thanks for your patience as we've been busy in March finalizing the CMF as well as keeping the socials, youtube and blogs rocking for almost 1 year!

With a nice donation from a German Kaspian, on April 7, we finally hit the 750k mark.
Rhubarb's portion will be taken out in USD equivalent of $2500/mth which allows the CMF to be used ongoing and to also increase in value as KASPA does. Taking our "pay" in USD/KAS helps the cause and spread things out longer, allowing the people to keep contributing to the overall budget (Rhubarb/CMF). As it stands at today's KAS value, this will allow us to work on our 50-60 hrs a month over 5+ months!

As most know, I've been working with BubbleGum and Wolfie these past couple of months in an attempt to create a small, but mighty core marketing team foundation, each of which has spokes out to a lot of areas and working with other Kaspians in the Marketing departments. Exchange, Dapps, Mining pools and other integrations have all included us 3 plus amazing techs and devs. We're in about 10-15 different group chats on TG with exchanges, wallets, etc.

We've been using Google Spreadsheets to stay organized this far, but have now moved to ZOHO TASKS. As for now, we'll keep the "team" small and mighty. But we will be expanding it as we go. For all those in the trenches working daily on promoting KASPA we thank you! We retire the private Marketing Team Channel and use the public Marketing channel more for news, requests, etc. and continue to use Telegram for daily management of the daily marketing needs. That channel will expand to include a few more, I'm sure. but for now, between the 3 of us (Bub/Wolf/Rhu) we feel we have things handled and are a good team so far! It seems we can focus more in TG and with all the hacking going on in Discord, we feel TG is a bit more "safe" as well. TBD! :)

Wolfie does the business relationship building and negotiating, as well as moving techs, and devs' needs into place. And co-hosts AMAs

Bubblegum is our copywriter supreme and works with us on blog posts/cover images and social posts. He's also working in many channels lining up and hosting all the AMAs. Huge work on scheduling and prepping and hosting all these amazing interviews. He also helps greatly to coordinate PR and design with our team.

Both of these guys are a great sounding board for our team!

My role has been mostly designing, but more and more I'm consulting in all channels as well as starting to create a foundation for rolling out the Kaspa Ambassador Program, As laid out in the Marketing Proposal https://docs.google.com/document/d/12ar ... MRr2trF8iO energizing and equipping Merchants as they accept KAS as well as consulting with print/clothing and schwag for a few different individuals.

With the new Sow in place, you will be seeing JoshR in some channels. Rhubarb Designer/video editor, animator.

The design needs requests for say, community outreach, socials, avatars, a resized version of art, or a blank design for others to add their own language is sometimes a daily activity. I'm also managing the socials, with a growing few mods (Twitter, Facebook, Linked In) including the Youtube channel, editing and reposting the AMAs and then posting to socials. We're also managing the website and are now in talks with someone about a makeover, moving the site from being an educational/info focus to more of a how-to get, use and pay with Kaspa as well as offering more direct links for businesses to land and get what they need to integrate, adoption, invest, etc.

The only payouts thus far has been to Bubble Gum Lighting and sa1krishna for April. Although the final fundraiser came on April 7th, we've been working on it since mid-March. But for simplicity, we've designated April 1, 2023, as the official beginning of the work and funding
2023-04-12 17:03:57
16,000 KAS
April 2023- Basic Compensation to BubbleGum - Kaspa Marketing Team support
3800 KAS
April 2023 - Tip for sa1krishna for translations, managing some of the Indian community (koo app) and well as moderating facebook

We will take out Rhubarb's portion for April when I'm back from Holidays on May 9th, 2023

Work so far under the new SoW
April 1-25, 2023 - 51.28 Hours so far

Admin/consulting/team management
- multiple chats in Discord and TG

- Produced 3 AMA videos for YT and posted them to Socials (UBA, CMF, UpHold)

- Zelcore
- Rust series
- Flux RoundTable
- Tangem
- Liquid Mining
- Bitget
- Uphold countdown and live listing anns
- LBank anns
- GhostDag 101 for Shia
- 2 Miners
- 5 feature images for Blog Articles (Medium and News)
- 4 new Merchant ads (2 hotels, Tech store and design studio) for upcoming anns
- Translation creative for upcoming ann
- Kaspa Accepted Here stickers (4 languages so far)
- Design for KASPA Meetup in Isreal with Avidan

- Set up a new web page (not public yet) Including criteria to apply and a web form
- Strategizing roll-out and outreach
- Started recruiting initial Ambaasdadors (German, Korean, Chinese, Hebrew, USA so far)

- General maintenance (troubleshooting with the host (we had a few DDoS attacks, but still 99.9% uptime! (edits, fixes, updates to site and plugins, etc)
- Started strategizing on a new site (new UI/UX)

We're grateful for all those who support these efforts, and we are just getting started! Thankful to all who are helping with marketing and continuing to grow Kaspa as the premiere digital currency for your everyday life!

Seeing as how this is an ongoing and growing role and task, we hope to see funds continue to come in for the CMF.

Rhuwallet - kaspa:qpyr8yp7jmantyaatyqtpwuzv3fcthe2r7jz6n55nl4hdd0288e8jljunnqgv

This address is also added to kaspa.org at the bottom with the DevFund addresses.
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Re: April 2023 Marketing/CMF Report

Post by Titorelli »

Great work! I really want to commend the marketing team for the excellent job they’ve been doing to get the word out about KAS and keep the community updated. From vids to tweets and medium posts you guys are rocking the content and I’m pumped for what the future will bring.
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Re: April 2023 Marketing/CMF Report

Post by an7ana5 »

Nice work !
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Re: April 2023 Marketing/CMF Report

Post by Dae »

It's nice to see the sincere marketing every time. Notably, the number of reviews has increased tremendously compared to a few months ago.I was able to welcome many new kas holders.
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Re: April 2023 Marketing/CMF Report

Post by judokaspa »

Great job ! I registered my company to accept $KAS.
Thank you for all the effort you made to help people know and understand Kaspa.
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Re: April 2023 Marketing/CMF Report

Post by coderofstuff »

I’ve been working on kasvault and have sought some help from Rhubarbarian for the icons. Working with him’s really smooth and it’s great to know that I have someone I can approach for graphics so I can focus on writing code.
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Re: April 2023 Marketing/CMF Report

Post by KaspaInsider »

Amazing Job, I’m really impressed by the marketing team!
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Re: April 2023 Marketing/CMF Report

Post by otisbrown723 »

You guys are the reason kaspa is going on the bull run. I just want to ask one question when Kaspa is being listed on Binance any info about it you have cz I m doing my own reasearch but i didn't find anything from the news. Thanks
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Re: April 2023 Marketing/CMF Report

Post by Rhubarbarian »

otisbrown723 wrote: Wed Aug 09, 2023 6:33 pm You guys are the reason kaspa is going on the bull run. I just want to ask one question when Kaspa is being listed on Binance any info about it you have cz I m doing my own reasearch but i didn't find anything from the news. Thanks
No word on Binance. They list when we meet their criteria which no one knows what that is.
Thanks for the props! CMF is running low, so any donations are welcome!
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